Monday, December 06, 2004

Blogs are all the same, aren't they?

I mean, sure, a few stand out for their usefulness, or consistent humor, but for the most part, do you really want to read about what a total fricking stranger ate for lunch yesterday?

No, I resolve to have the most unread blog in the universe of blogs. I think it's a realistic goal.

I also resolve never to post an entry on what I just ate, or how cute my cat is.

Now, to get started. The main point of this blog is to tell stories of my life. Not my present life so much, but my past. I noticed when I have told people about my past, they either tear up and try to hug me, or laugh uncomfortably, or announce, "DAMN, THAT'S SOME MESSED UP SHIT!" I love the last reaction best. It makes me laugh. And I have to agree.

But first a story from my first year of teaching. I was teaching high school English in Georgia. Supposedly one of the best two high schools in the county. I was a stupid, young teacher and had a hard time keeping track of whether I already had a kid in the bathroom, so I said yes to one when I already had one out. Old building, old vents. Vents connected from bathroom to classroom. Soon my room smelled....herbal. Kids began to try to get a contact high. I went to the door of the boy's bathroom, asked the two of them to come out and a coach happened by. Not knowing the official procedure for dealing with pot smoking on campus (this was the early 90s), I asked him what to do. He puffed himself up, yelled at the kids, demanded they HAND IT OVER, which they did. He sent them huffily back to my class. I asked him what I should do now--write up a disciplinary report, what? He shoved the baggie of joints in his pocket, winked at me and said "Don't worry, I'll take care of it." He giggled and walked away. I stood there stunned for a moment. The their stash....from the kids.

Don't worry, people. I'm just getting started.


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just waving hello.

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