Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Ah, slumber parties.

My daughter recently celebrated her tenth birthday and we had a few too many girls over for a slumber party. To be fair, though I was almost tearing my hair out by 2 am, this one was tame compared to slumber parties I attended as a kid.

The most memorable was at Pam's house, when we were in the fifth grade (probably 1979). I only remember seeing her mom at the beginning of the party and briefly in the morning (never even glimpsed her dad, who probably left the house for the night!). The rest of the time, we had the living room, kitchen, and dining room to ourselves and we spread our sleeping bags everywhere. We giggled when her cuter than hell 17 year old brother came through the house on his way to or from somewhere (17 was SO OLD! He was like, a MAN!). We watched silly stuff on TV, but no DVDs or VHS tapes OR cable. We made prank calls. One girl bragged about seeing the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High even though it was rated R. She told us about the scene where Phoebe Cates' character walks in on Judge Rheinhold's character in the bathroom. The girl telling us was giggling so hard that she never told us what was so funny, so we all assumed he was going to the bathroom and agreed that would be pretty embarrassing.

We played "Red Rum" in Pam's hall bathroom. You know, go into the darkened bathroom, shut the door, rub your eyes, look at the mirror and imagine you can see the words "red rum" on the mirror. ("Murder" backwards.) Scream like you are being killed until the girls let you out.

Then you HAVE to play that levitating game. One girl lies on the floor while the others gather around her, place only TWO fingers from each hand under her, then everyone chants "Light as a feather, stiff as a board" as she is magically lifted into the air. Everyone stays pretty serious until one girl realizes we really ARE lifting her with only two fingers on each hand and giggles, thus breaking the spell and spilling the poor girl to the floor. And everyone volunteers for it, amazingly.

The Oiuja board has to be busted out so that you can commune with lost souls. And mostly freak each other out. "It's moving, it's really MOVING!!!!! I'm NOT moving it!!!"

Someone's bra (tiny thing that it was then) has to be stolen, completely soaked in water, then thrown in the freezer while the rest of the girls act very innocent as to where said bra is. (Guess whose bra was stolen and frozen.)

First girl to fall asleep gets mustard between her toes and jalepeno juice on her lips. (Guess which girl fell asleep first.) Someone just has to put Redi-Whip on the toilet seat. (Guess which girl sat on the Redi-Whip at 4 am.)

Oh fun times.


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